Blind Walls Wallspot

86 interventions | 2.4 x 64 m | Belcrumweg 19, 4815 HA Breda, Països Baixos

A playground with two giant Lego brick walls!

Blind Walls Gallery offers 4 concrete walls (16m x 2.4m each) on the vacant lot behind Mot Mot Gallery. Painting is only allowed and possible during opening hours of the Mot Mot Gallery. Artists must register through Wallspot to enter. You can reserve the wall per 4 running meters.

The following house rules apply:
• Reserve your spot through WallSpot
• Report your arrival at the bar of MotMot Gallery
• No painting on other objects than the walls
• No offensive texts or signs
• Respect the work of other artists
• Deposit empty aerosol cans in the garbage bin
• Do not clean your brushes/rollers in the toilets
• Leave no trash behind

Opening hours: 

CLOSED due to lockdown, more information soon. 

* If you paint other objects than permitted, you will be held accountable for cost of repair.

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