Wallspot Post - Yoseba MP has made a large mural on l'Hospitalet

Yoseba MP has made a large mural on l'Hospitalet

BIG WALLS | 20-02-2020

The artist Yoseba MP has made a large mural on the Plaza de Guernica, Collblanc district. The project is part of the actions that the City Council of L'Hospitalet has undertaken in recent years to establish an artistic circuit in the public space. This was the first intervention of the Galician artist in the city, who for two weeks has been plotting his work “Un castell, moltes llengües i 12km²” on the facade of building number 8 in the square. This project is produced by the cultural entity Rebobinart.

Yoseba MP combines studio work and urban murals with a realistic style that is able to portray everyday scenes that reflect a very human part of society from a humorous perspective. For this intervention in the Plaza de Guernica, the artist has shaped a tower of “castellers”, an emblematic element of Catalan culture, made up of different cartoon characters and comics.

Through a humorous look, the characters in the mural represent the cultural diversity of L'Hospitalet, focusing on the idea of community, social cohesion, collaboration and coexistence. We can recognize some comic book figures such as Power Ranger, Lara Croft or Son Goku. At the top of the castle, Yoseba MP painted “L'Acollidora”, an sculpture by the Arranz-Bravo artist, that is installed on the Rambla de Just Oliveras, which represents the open and integrating spirit of L'Hospitalet.

The City Council of L'Hospitalet has opted for urban art with a social and professional vision, stimulating the artistic and cultural fabric of the city. This mural is part of a rich and heterogeneous composition of street art interventions.

Yoseba MP won the Novos Valores Prize from the Pontevedra County Council with the painting "Juancho y sus perros" in the series "Mis amigos y sus perros". In 2012 he won the contest " Fenómenas do rural ", a work he develops exclusively in Galicia. This series is a tribute and testimony to the work that the rural woman is doing in Galicia, where she mixes the reality of the countryside with science fiction, comics and cartoons.

The Rebobinart Association was founded in 2012 with a clear social philosophy that puts urban art at the service of the social and cultural revitalization of public space. The entity promotes a vision of professional urban art at the service of society through the creation of projects that are rooted in the territory and which generate a greater sense of belonging to the neighborhood, providing citizens a culture of participation and critical thinking.

Photos by: Laura Abad