Wallspot Post - Writers JAM 2021

Writers JAM 2021

newsletter , OPEN CALL | 21-12-2020

Wallspot JAMS are back!

We start this 2021 with a new edition of Wallspot JAMS. Each month there will be a JAM with a specific theme. In each of them, there will be 2 guest artists, who will be in charge of selecting 8 participants from among all those registered in the Open Call.

The Writers JAM will be held next Sunday, January 31st. This JAM is devoted to all graffiti writers, who through their urban calligraphy can transform words into images and make themselves heard. Each artist gives their own style to the letters, turning their particular lettering into the most visceral part of urban expression.

The event will be held in the emblematic walls of Tres Xemeneies, and Montana Colors will provide each artist with a total of 8 sprays to perform their work.

If you want to participate in the Writers JAM 2021 Open Call, fill out the REGISTRATION FORM

* The call is open to all artists who are registered in Wallspot, have painted on the platform between 2019 and 2020, and have uploaded images of the work on their profile.