Wallspot Post - WOMART JAM - MADRID


newsletter , OPEN CALL | 17-11-2020

Next Saturday, November 28th, a Wallspot will held Womart JAM in Madrid!

On this important date as the 25th of November, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, we believe that it is very important to claim the role of women in the urban arts. Womart is a project that claims the need to recognise and give visibility to female talent in the visual arts while promoting gender equality within the urban art field. One of Wallspot’s goals is to create spaces where women artists can paint safely, so that, little by little they gain the space they deserve within this field. This is why the Womart JAM will unfold within the aim of this project.

Womart JAM- Madrid will be held on November 28th at the Wallspot walls of the city. The Open Call will be open to all women artists based in Madrid. From all the participants, 10 artists will be selected and will have the opportunity to be part of the event.

Wallspot will provide the participants with 10 sprays so they can perform their artworks. Moreover, each intervention will be documented with images and promoted through our communication channels (web, social networks, newsletter) and those of our Media Partners.

If you want to participate in the Womart JAM you just need to fill out the REGISTRATION FORM