Events | 02-10-2020

Wallspot starts a new project, Wallspot JAMS!

This consists of the realization of various JAMS of specific themes that will be held throughout the year. Through an open call to all Wallspot users, 10 artists will be selected who will have the opportunity to participate in the events. Also, each JAM will be attended by two invited artists, experts on the subject.

Wallspot JAMS will take place in the Tres Xemeneies Wallspot walls, a square that is currently being transformed to offer a welcoming and safe space for residents of the area. This remodeling of the space aims to improve the coexistence between the various groups that frequent the square. These interventions will emphasize which are the walls in which artists can legally intervene, thus including urban art within this new image of the square.

This proposal also aims to strengthen the relationships between artists and the platform, thus showing that Wallspot is much more than an application. The fact of making thematic JAMS provides the opportunity for artists to meet people who master the same technique and share the same passion, thus generating a feeling of community and relevance to an artistic and cultural project.
Wallspot JAMS is a way to publicize and promote emerging artists since the interventions will be published on the various Wallspot channels.

WRITTERS JAM (25-10-2020)

This JAM is dedicated to all graffiti writers, who through their urban calligraphy can transform words into images and make themselves heard. Each artist gives their own style to the letters, turning their particular lettering into the most visceral part of urban expression. In this JAM, 10 writers will be selected through an open call to all Wallspot artists who practice this technique. Also, two invited artists will participate in this event, who together with a member of the Wallspot team and a member of Montana Colors, will be in charge of selecting the 10 winners.

If you want to participate in the Writers JAM call, fill out the REGISTRATION FORM

For this edition of Wallspot JAMS we will have the collaboration of Montana Colors i Montó Pinturas

* Can participate in this open call all artists who are registered in Wallspot, who have painted on the platform between 2019 and 2020, and have uploaded images of the work on their profile.