Wallspot Post - WALL LAB: Artistic intervention by Spogo, "Old factory: La Siberia" in Avinguda Icaria 199 (Poblenou Barcelona).

WALL LAB: Artistic intervention by Spogo, "Old factory: La Siberia" in Avinguda Icaria 199 (Poblenou Barcelona).

BIG WALLS , video , WALL LAB , newsletter | 09-03-2020

This project of artistic intervention within Wall Lab programme, in which Rebobinart, Meridia Capital and Philarthropic collaborated, consisted of decorating a 200-metre construction fence surrounding the former Ice Factory "Siberia and Deslite". To do this, the selected artist to perform the intervention in Avinguda Icaria 199, has been SPOGO, who has done a work with a mural design inspired by the industrial past of that time and area. An example is the geometric figures used, in this case, the triangle, referencing the model of the old factories.

Under the artistic name SPOGO, there's Carlos Garcia, who over the last few years, has participated in diverse national urban art festivals (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Seville or San Sebastián, among others), and international (Berlin, Ghent, etc.), exhibitions, cultural projects, art residencies and educational workshops, combining his work both in the public space and private commissions of his studio works and commissioned murals, of small, medium and large format.

The artist himself comments that he likes to adapt his style according to the characteristics of the space, recovering details of the other elements of the environment to incorporate them into their designs, adapting the color palette to existing ones.

If you are interested in getting to know it a little more, you can find information on its website: http://www.spogo.es/

Wall Lab is an art programme that is part of Wallspot,
aimed at artistic experimentation in public spaces and the creation of long-term murals on walls of different format. Unlike open walls where works are ephemeral, this initiative offers spaces where murals that are performed will have a minimum temporality of half a year.

The aim of this specific Wall Lab, therefore, has been to revitalise and integrate the public space through art during a period of construction and transformation of the urban space.