Wallspot Post - WALL LAB by Roc Blackblock

WALL LAB by Roc Blackblock

video , WALL LAB , newsletter | roc blackblock | 22-07-2020

This work by the artist Roc Blackblock is part of Wall Lab’s latest edition.

The Wall Lab programme is aimed at artistic experimentation in public spaces and the creation of long-lasting murals on walls with different formats.

The Open Call for this edition was launched through a contest called Wallspot En Casa, in which the artists were invited to submit a mural sketch along with the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. From all the participants, Wallspot selected the 3 winning proposals, and Roc Blackblock was one of them.

Roc studied graphic design and illustration, and later began in the world of graffiti. His works have a social side, therefore becoming for him a communication channel to make various social issues and movements visible. This way, his murals manage to integrate perfectly with the reality of the territory.

For this edition of Wall Lab, Roc Blackblock depicted a work that represents the passage of time on a medium format wall. He chose this theme because it has a direct relationship with the confinement scenario that we have recently experienced. From this piece, the artist asks the viewer to stop and think about the concept of time, how we take advantage of it, and what are the things which really matter.

This concept of time and its transience is related to the Wall Lab project, which aims to provide Wallspot artists spaces where works have a durability between half a year and a year, unlike the rest of free walls, where the works are ephemeral.

This work is located in Sant Andreu’s neighborhood (c / Clot 228), along with those of the other two winners: Ele.zissou and Borneo Modofoker. We invite you to go there to see them, since they will have a one-year durability.