Wallspot Post - WALL LAB by Borneo Modofoker

WALL LAB by Borneo Modofoker

video , WALL LAB | Borneo Modofoker | 22-07-2020

Wall Lab’s latest edition was held during the month of July. The format of this edition was a little bit different due to the pandemic situation that we have experienced, so the winning artists were selected through the Instagram Contest Wallspot En Casa. In this Open Call, Wallspot artists were invited to submit a mural sketch along with the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. From all the participants, Wallspot selected the 3 winning proposals, thus inviting 3 different artists to participate in this latest edition of Wall Lab.

The artist Boreno Modofoker was one of the winners of the contest, so his sketch was turned into a 6x3 meter mural.

Maikol de Sousa, better known as Borneo Modofoker was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He studied graphic design, but it was not until 2008 that he decided to leave his comfort zone to start his career as an urban artist. Over the time, he has acquired a great mastery in the urban art field, something that can be seen when observing his latest work for Wall Lab. With this piece, the artist wanted to reflect his inner world in a more abstract way. The fusion of colors, textures and shapes reflect upon the deepest and most intimate part of the artist.

This work will have a one-year of permanence since it is part of Wall Lab, a project that aims to make different spaces available to artists where they can develop their artistic projects, and receive a greater visibility due to its durability.

If you want to check the Boreneo Modofoker’s work, you can find it on Clot 228 Street, along with the pieces by ele.zissou and Roc Blackblock!