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Travel The Wall Philaico

Interviews , video , TRAVEL THE WALL | Philaico | 15-01-2020

In this new edition of Travel The Wall, the international artistic exchange program for users of Wallspot, the artist selected in Barcelona was Philaico.

Philaico is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but he is living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 2010 he has focused his work on painting, screen printing and stencil techniques. Through his contact with urban art, he began to get involved with interventions, both graffiti and large format murals.
For a few years now, he has been particularly interested on portraying people from his hometown, friends or strangers. He photographs them in his studio testing different types of lighting to later capture them in his murals. Lately he’s been experimenting with neon lights.

The intervention for Travel The Wall took place on October 24 at the Tres Xemeneies Park.
The artist chose this particularly expressive portrait because he thought it would fit perfectly to the wall, but also because the character's attitude could be interpreted as a face of doubt or helplessness in reaction to a particularly convulsive week in Catalonia and Chile.

He tells us his experience: "The Travel The Wall experience was an important moment for me as an artist. Travelling to another country to produce a mural and to be in such a classic spot in Barcelona was so cool. The city is such an inspiring place for a street artist so when I heard I as picked for Barcelona I was really happy. It was quite challenging to do such a huge realistic piece in a short time so it made me feel more confident in my technique and I was really pleased with the outcome. For me, it was super special to be there with the Wall Spot team considering all the incredible artists they have involved in projects from around the world."

The mural provoked a lot of curiosity and reactions and many people came to talk to the artist in order to ask what he had wanted to represent.
From Wallspot, we are very happy to have met this great artist and proud of his spectacular intervention.

Assistant of the artist: Marcel Serrano
Video: Daniel Barrio Garsaball
Photos: Michelle