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Travel The Wall Aberdeen

Interviews , newsletter , TRAVEL THE WALL | Danny Rumbl | 21-01-2020

For this edition of Travel The Wall, Danny Rumbl was selected by Throw Up Gallery to portray his works in Scotland.

Danny Rumbl is an illustrator and artist from Rotterdam where he’s working on illustrations, large scale murals and wooden sculptures. His inspiration springs from his love for cartoons and illustrations from the 60’s and 70’s, nature, food and modern pop culture.

The artist's stayed in Aberdeen from October 25th to the 28th, and he has explained us his experience: “I was very happy to be selected to travel to Aberdeen. I had never visited Scotland before, but it was on top of my list of travel destinations for sure. The rich cultural history and surrounding of the nature was something I had to see for myself. Two days before I left to Aberdeen I met up with Maga from Barcelona to paint the Wallspot wall here in my hometown Rotterdam. Several other Rotterdam based artists showed up and we had ourselves a little jam.
Short after my arrival in Aberdeen Airport I found myself standing on a ladder in Sunnybank park, one of the two Wallspot spots in Aberdeen. Gen, the founder and creative director of Throwup gallery, was my hostess during my stay in Scotland and she did an excellent job. She picked me up from my hotel and brought me to the spot. I painted until it got to dark an after that we had some nice dinner in the city centre, I had haggis for the first time in my life and I liked it.

The next day I finished the wall at Sunnybank park. I was really happy that I could finish the wall with dry weather, it was already October so the possibility for rain was always present. After I finished the wall we went to visit a nearby castle on the cliffs and that was very nice to see.
On my last day in Aberdeen I visited the second Wallspot spot in the city. I painted a smaller piece over there and finished most of my spray cans. It was a perfect weekend painting walls with nice food and some cultural sightseeing."

From Wallspot we are very pleased with the result of this edition of Travel The Wall, and we will continue supporting this artistic and cultural project!