Stories | 24-02-2021

The Posttraumatic

A non-newspaper created by creatives and artists.

A concert that can only be heard by scanning the QR code; a golden asteroid that is about to hit the earth; a political action that denounces the precarious work situation of seasonal workers in Spain; the Congress of Deputies that becomes the "Congress of the Imputed" after the imprisonment of the entire political class, are some of the articles that you will find in the first issue of The Posttraumatic.

Published by Greta Rusttt Editions, it is a trilingual publication (English, Spanish and Catalan; mostly English and Spanish), self-managed, produced by creatives and artists suspicious of the traditional communication media and the ways of consuming information. Small artistic pieces with the appearance of articles. From this critical perspective, the first issue entitled "Inhale, Exhale" was edited, bringing together articles and images by 39 international artists from different visual arts.

Octavi Serra is the editor of The Posttraumatic, responsible for bringing together artists such as the Argentinean muralist Milu Correch, the German sculptor Jan Vormann, the Spanish artivist Escif and the renowned comic and social cartoonist Flavita Banana, among many others.

To finance the first issue, The Posttraumatic has started a crowdfunding campaign with Verkami, which will be active between the 23rd February, with the aim of covering the costs of printing, distribution and labour, both for the guest artists and the editorial team. This campaign will feature rewards made by some of the artists participating in the first edition.

Each issue will have a value of 13€, and can be purchased online directly on the website www.theposttraumatic.com, and in different distribution points such as bookshops and galleries, both within in Spain and in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Quito, Bogotá, Sao Paulo and New York.

The artists participating in the first issue of The Posttraumatic are: Escif, Ampparito, Aïda Gómez, Jofre Oliveras, Michael Beitz, Dos Jotas, Biancoshock, Max Siedentopf, Flavita Banana, Jan Vormann, Igor Ponosov, Bas Van Wieringen, Helen Bur, Gigi Ei, Vlady, Val Rovatti, Octavi Serra, Nicolás Romero, Enrique Muda, Neus Masdeu, Nacho García, Miss Printed, Milu Correch, Marta Go Sa, Mateu Targa, Manel Boixadera, Luce, Marta Aguilar, Joan Manel, Alvaro Carmona, Ana Vilamu, Sara Azidane, Pau García, María Cerdán, Will Bonet, Ane Guerra, Dani Pearson, Valentina and the Electric Post and Jaume Molera.

VERKAMI: https://www.verkami.com/projects/29189-the-posttraumatic 
INSTAGRAM: @the_posttraumatic 
WEB: https://theposttraumatic.com/