newsletter | 08-05-2020

We are excited to introduce you to our new media partner Street Art United States.

Street Art United States is an urban art community that believes in the power of public art, and thanks to their dedication and enthusiasm, they carry this art expression world-wide.
Its base is in the City of Boston. From there, they organize all kinds of projects related to street art and promote local and international artists who have contributed to the street art scene.
One of its main goals is to support and build up artist communities within this art field. This is possible thanks to the content and publications of its website and social networks, where their followers can interact and be updated with the latest news and tendencies within the world of urban art.
Street Art United States is characterized by its involvement in projects that involve powerful social messages such as injustice, poverty, violence, racism or the environment. 

From Wallspot we hope to be able to share projects and initiatives with Street Art United States and step by step we will be widening our network of collaborators to fill the streets of the world with urban art.