Wallspot Post - Street Art Route in Bilbao

Street Art Route in Bilbao

Events , Videos , Stories | JOAN PIÑOL | 12-06-2019

Some years ago the city of Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) decided to join the movement of urban art as a transforming resource to regenerate and redefine the way of understanding cities and their public spaces. 

This initiative has been promoted by the City Hall of Bilbao and has the support of Bilbao Art District, SC Gallery and other entities that ensure the development, freedom and innovation of the cultural and artistic sector of the city. Therefore, it’s a phenomenon agreed and accepted by the population of Bilbao and supported by its public institutions, owing to the fact that it’s a project with a lot of potential and attractiveness that aims to conceive the city as an open-air gallery. 

According to this, the city has become a point of reference for artists and lovers of street art, since it currently has a great variety of works that flood its streets and which are joined by new interventions added year after year by artists from around the world. So, Bilbao, by becoming an urban art gallery on the street, has already some artistic routes that run through the neighbourhoods of Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco and Zabala, being an itinerary that shows the most colourful face of the city and the wide artistic ecosystem that converges in its urban spaces, coexisting with the daily life and the reality of its inhabitants.

Photos: Joan Piñol

Mural locations:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1-4Lb4carfAdvaSyvN8cMGZUZNzzPCwpL&ll=43.25981534570404%2C-2.9225926142335084&z=14