Events | 29-09-2020

The master students of Elisava University that are coursing Illustration and Comic, and Photography and Design, have completed their project ''Raval(in) visible'', on the Wallspot walls of Tres Xemeneies.

In this project, the students of both modalities have been working together for months. During this time, they have explored the graphic format of photonovel, investigating and updating this composition where illustration, comics, photography and design converge in different forms of visual narrative.
Although the project ''Raval(in) visible'' was interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis, the students have finally been able to finish the project in which they have been working on for ten months. They have installed their works on the Tres Xemeneies Wallspot wall, one of the most visited spots by urban artists. Through the paste-up technique, they have managed to show the language of the photonovel in public space and build a first-person experience of urban art.

From Wallspot we are willing to continue offering spaces for these types of projects since first-person experimentation is an essential process for artistic training. Also, it is a way for different artists to become interested and enter the world of urban art.

 Annika Sapper @sappernikki
 Felipe Castro @kehdi
 Tomas Valenzuela @tom_hoff
Montse Aburfahue @holamoonie
 Santiago Romero @diegorosemary
Tessi Eng @tessireng
 Daniel Gómez @gomaloca
 Haide Costa, @haidecosta
Monica Gómez, @moni_gomez3
Carissa Diaz, @mielpicante

Professor: Joan Tomás, @joantomasphotographer

Coordinación:  Pedro Vicente: @pedrovicentemullor
Mery Cuesta: @mery_cuesta_leopardisima
Jose Luis Merino: jlmerino

Master fotografía: @masterfotografia.elisava

Master Comic: @ilustracionycomicelisava