Wallspot Post - POBLE ZOO


Stories | 14-02-2020

Do you know what POBLE ZOO is?

Poble Zoo is an App that allows you to make urban art routes, seeing the works in augmented reality. If you want to enjoy this experience through the streets of Barcelona, you just need to download the app, activate the GPS of your device and follow the instructions that will lead you to the different works. Once in front of the mural, you have to open the augmented reality menu and there you’ll be able to see animals in motion. There is also the option of recording a video that can be saved or shared on social media, a tool that allows you to prolongate the experience.

The Poble Zoo project wants to convey a message of awareness and ecology to its users and does so by reporting the animals’ conditions both in zoos and in the world in general. This application allows you to live a completely new and modern experience without any animal being mistreated. This project not only gives visibility to artists, but they also receive remuneration from the Tours, therefore making a fair trade within urban art.

Finally, there is also the option of living this experience from your home. The application offers you the possibility to buy some editions of the works shown while being able to animate them through virtual reality, same as with all those murals that are part of the Tour.

If you want to rediscover the city of Barcelona, download Pueblo Zoo.

Project by: Tim Marsh