Wallspot Post - Oliebollenjam 2020 Rotterdam

Oliebollenjam 2020 Rotterdam

Events , Stories , newsletter | 27-01-2020

The people of Rotterdam, together with Rewriters, have welcomed 2020 in a very special way. Although there was no winter atmosphere, being unusual during this time in the Netherlands, they have gone out to the streets, to celebrate this new year.

In this 2020 edition of the Nieuwjaarsjam in Rotterdamse Schuttersveld, many citizens have gone to the streets to celebrate the new year in a very special way; some artists have painted their works on the Wallspot wall, giving it a new look. Meanwhile, neighbors watched them drinking mulled wine and oliebollen (a sweet paste typical of Dutch cuisine), accompanied by a glass of champagne.

The participants have explained that although there wasn’t snow as there usually is every year during this period of the year, they enjoyed the good company and fantastic works of art, so they are very motivated to continue with this tradition. Here are some images of the event!