Events , BIG WALLS | 02-10-2020

On Thursday, September 17th, a group of Chilean urban artists living in Barcelona and local artists painted a collective mural against the cultural and racial discrimination of the Mapuche people. The mural, located on C/ del Clot 228, was executed on one of the medium-format walls managed by the cultural entity Rebobinart with the support of the Wallspot urban art platform.

Due to the formation of the Chilean state, the collective group Mapuche has lost their recognition and representation in the social, cultural and economical sphere. Precisely, the repression exercised by Chilean state to this centenary society, that has been historically resisting this violence and racist acts, was one of the key points to understand the Chilean social outbreak on October 2019. To support and give visibility to these social demands, this collective mural also acts pointing out the bad administration of the Chilean government.

In a manifesto named ''Why to take care of peoples originated from the world'', the artists aimed to give value to the ancestral knowledge from a society that has always lived in harmony with the earth; cultivating it, taking care and protecting it. Referring to the climate emergency, the manifesto highlights the connection between Mapuche people with nature as a reference for us to be capable of building a future based on respect to the natural ecosystem.

The collective artwork has been made to spread and give visibility to the Mapuche's wiseness, that dates back more than 10 thousand years ago. The group of artists captured their look in a public mural motivated by the actual violent acts exercised by Chilean and Argentinian states, that are generating occupation, expropriation, criminalization, deaths and systemic and historical racism to the Mapuche community.

Artists that participated

• Sofía Bianchi. @pixapixa
• Alessia Innocenti. @alessiainart
• Aruma. @aruma_ocho
• Heriberto Bravo. @bravopintor
• Allan Halley. @allanhalley
• Roc. @rocblackblock
• Ona. @_ona_barcelona