Wallspot Post - Moratalaz Graffiti workshop

Moratalaz Graffiti workshop

Stories | 21-12-2020

On Saturday, December 19th, we went out to the streets with eight boys and girls hand in hand with Caminar Association of El Ruedo. With them we went to the free wall of Dr. García Tapia - Media Legua and, together with the graffiti artist and social educator Dulze, we left a mural in defense of the rights of the child.

The morning woke up rainy, so while Dulze and the group of children prepared some sketches and learned to make shadows and 3D letters on the paper, on a covered site at the Caminar store, Regina (thank you!) helped to paint white the wall in order to save time from the rain.

After having breakfast together, we all got down to business. For Caminar Association, which has been working in El Ruedo for more than 30 years, the rights of the child is a fundamental and constant theme in its work. This was the message that, during this collaborative action, everyone left reflected in the lowest part of the wall and the one closest to El Ruedo.