Wallspot Post - BREDA'S WALLS


Events , | 05-11-2020

We’re very glad to announce that Wallspot has arrived in The Netherland through our collaboration with the cultural entity Blind Walls Gallery, who are entering as cultural managers from Breda’s walls. These walls, now available to book on the Wallspot’s platform, are located on Belcrumweg’s street, 194815HA, Breda, The Netherlands.

Blind Walls Gallery embodies a city mural museum where the artworks, combined with urban art and cultural heritage, disseminate Breda’s stories and make them accessible to everyone. You can discover the artworks by exploring their website, from the app, or through a guided tour.

The organization offers, specifically, four walls located on the vacant lot behind the Mot Mot Gallery. Each is 16 meters wide and 2,40 high.

We’re looking forward to seeing your artworks in these new spaces and we invite you to check out the entity’s social media to stay tuned regarding projects and events they’re holding.