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Lo Carreró

Events , call | 04-03-2019

In September 2016, the artist Lily Brik performed an intervention in Lo Carreró, located in the town of Montgai (La Noguera, Lleida), within the framework of an urban regeneration project that wanted to rehabilitate this area that was in disuse to assign it to the realization of new artistic and cultural projects. This piece is the first of the three murals planned for the reintegration of Lo Carreró, in which was thought to capture the stages of the life of women (childhood, adulthood and old age) and the spirit of the women who lived in this town. 

So, with this mural, which shows a woman with a candle and a fox, the starting shot was given in order to make Lo Carreró become an emerging scene of artistic and cultural initiatives, as this space now hosts a wide variety of activities among which there are workshops, artistic productions, fairs, exhibitions, performances and concerts. This idea was reaffirmed when the artist returned to make the second mural in the summer of 2017 and when, finally, the artists Draw & Contra made the last mural of the trilogy in 2018.

Photo:  Joan Piñol