call , newsletter | Bublegum , JOAN PIÑOL , evalop , gemfontanals , Liliana La Italians | 24-03-2020


Due to the current global emergency situation because of the COVID-19 virus spread, from Wallspot we are launching diverse initiatives in order to keep promoting and supporting urban art from home. Within urban art, an essential figure is that of the photographers, who walk on the streets capturing and documenting the work of artists in order to disseminate and show their work to the world. At a time in which artists cannot create in public spaces, we encourage all photographers to show us their best mural shots in order to help us to promote as many artistic interventions as we can while giving the opportunity to urban artists to see their art through your eyes. 

Remember that you can upload as many photos as you want in your photographer profile at Wallspot. We will share them through our social media channels with your name in order to promote your work and, at the same time, keep showing the best expressions of urban art around the world.

Let’s bring urban art on the Internet!

Photographers:  Joan PiñoEvalop  LilianaLaItalians

Artists: Bublegum Gemma Fontanals tera_drop