Wallspot Post - SENSEMURS Festival


Festivals , video , call | 27-02-2019

During the 10th and 11th of March 2018, the SENSEMURS festival was performed in Valencia, being the first meeting of muralists for l’Horta. This festival is an initiative organized by the platform "Horta és Futur, No a la ZAL", with the support of the nearly 50 associations and collectives that are part of it, in order to claim that La Punta area (l’Horta de València) becomes green again and to assert the situation of vulnerability that this territory has been suffering, an area that despite being classified as a "non-developable zone of special protection" has been damaged by the ZAL project (Logistics Activities Zone), which aims to raze l’Horta to expand the port of Valencia.
Therefore, this festival emerged as an extension of the campaign "Stop the ZAL, Recover la Punta" and during these days murals and public facilities were performed in various areas of La Punta, as well as some cultural activities and guided tours, to pursue the identity of this territory and the will of its inhabitants. In this way, the festival received some of the most recognized urban artists in Europe to redefine the La Punta's space and reflect the message of protest and empowerment that defines the festival on its walls. Thereby, the artists in charge of the interventions were Aryz, Blu, Hyuro, Borondo, Escif, Anaïs Florin, Liqen, Luzinterruptus, Daniel Muñoz (SAN), Sam3 and Elías Taño, joined later by Barbi, Mr. Marmota + Lost, and Peres. Finally, due to the thrust and recognition that this project received, the Divina Pastora Foundation awarded it with the 1st Comic and Social Development Prize.

Photo: Joan Piñol