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IntARTvenció Festival

Festivals , video , call | 06-03-2019

The IntARTvenció festival of Martorell (Catalonia) has celebrated its 3rd edition last September 2018. This event is conceived as an urban art week where both the inhabitants of Martorell and the people who come to this city will be able to enjoy and watch the selected artists performing their pieces throughout the festival. This initiative has been promoted by the Department of Culture of the Town Hall of Martorell, Martorell Museums and the local entities Amics de l'Art and Artistes Plàstics with the philosophy of filling the city with colours and creativity, turning it into a meeting point of cultural exchange and celebration. 

In this edition, the artists that participated were Lily Brik, Shfir, Urih Petados, Mho Dueñas, Gonzalo Alonso and Alex Fernández, each one of them in different points of the city. After this last edition the festival seems to be definitively consolidated in Martorell and it certainly will continue to be celebrated annually. There are still no details about the next edition, but it will be probably performed in autumn as the previous years.

Photo: Joan Piñol