Wallspot Post - Asalto Festival 2018

Asalto Festival 2018

Festivals , video , call | 13-03-2019

The 13th edition of the Asalto Festival was performed from the 8th to 16th of September 2018 and it’s a festival that since 2005 has been consolidated in Spain and which submerges the city of Zaragoza every year for several months with a multitude of artistic proposals achieved by urban artists and artistic collectives of quality.

This year the festival has been performed in the neighbourhood of Oliver from Zaragoza and has counted with the participation of the artists Animalito Land (Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva), Diego Diego, Daniel Eime, Jaune Art, Kruella d'Enfer, Manolo Mesa and Udatxo and the collectives Cachete Jack, Enorme Studio, Half Studio and Pouvelle Studio. Since the month of May the artists began to work on the walls, being part of a process that lasted several months and that involved participatory processes, collaborative workshops and brainstorming’s with the cooperation of various associations and entities involved in the project, until the official celebration of the festival, an act that has the purpose to show the final result of the interventions.

Over the years, the Asalto festival has obtained a lot of notoriety in the urban art sector and never stops to surprise, since every year it adapts and reinvents itself. Also, this festival has evolved from being a sample of urban art to become a festival that proposes to explore, discover or rediscover the urban environment with artistic activities and urban actions and experiences. Therefore, it is a festival that still has a long future ahead and that will continue to offer new proposals year after year.

Photo: Joan Piñol