newsletter , OPEN CALL | 19-11-2020

Last Wallspot’s JAM of 2020 is here: Extinction JAM

The theme of this JAM is devoted to all animals that are at risk of extinction. So that, artists who participate in this event must perform a mural that includes at least one animal that is in this situation of vulnerability.

Currently, according to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2,500 species are at risk of extinction. This is due to multiple causes, which can be very particular in each specie. However, climate change, illegal hunting and trafficking, or the introduction of exotic species are the main events that lead to the disappearance of thousands of animals.

Extinction JAM aims to give visibility to these vulnerable species while generating awareness to the population onto this problem. Mainly because we cannot ignore that the human being is the responsible of generating this negative impact by placing the animals in this high-risk situation.

Two invited artists will participate in this Open Call and will be in charge of selecting the 10 winning artists from among all the participants. Extinction JAM will be held on December 12 at the Tres Xemeneies Wallspot.

Wallspot will provide with 5 sprays to each artist so that they can perform their work. Each intervention will be documented with images and promoted through our communication channels (web, social networks, newsletter) and those of our Media Partners. In addition, for this edition of Wallspot JAMS, we will have the collaboration of Montana Colors and Montó Pinturas

If you want to participate in the Extinction JAM you just have to fill in the REGISTRATION FORM

* All artists who are registered in Wallspot, who have painted on the platform between 2019 and 2020, and have uploaded images of the works on their profile, can participate in this call.