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Interview APES

Videos , video | Apes | 22-05-2017

Hello. My name is Apes. And I’m lying because this is not my name, actually. However, this is not important. I am from Barcelona although I try to behave as an omnipresent being avoiding to settle anywhere. I like to be everywhere phisically and mentally. I like to travel. I travel, actually. I live in constant motion for work and for pleasure. And I write graffiti in the meantime.

Usually, they say that graffiti is kind of a territorial thing. I disagree because our territory is the whole world. To me, graffiti is a type of contemporary language that enables many people from different countries to speak the same language. Graffiti, besides being an illegal practice in most places on Earth, responds to a need. I think it’s kind of an involuntary Esperanto that has no dictionaries nor regulated ways, that is open to interpretation and that it makes us freer. And I might be lying again.