Interviews | Marinavallo | 22-12-2020

Marina Vallo is an artist born in Sant Celoni (Catalonia, Spain) who studied and worked in the graphic design field. Since she was little, she has been curious about creating, always being into drawing, communicating, expressing, and thinking of creative ideas in order to enhance things, objects… Her family has helped her a lot to develop her artistic facet, asking her for help in their business by decorating it or by creating commercial cards, posters, etc. That’s why she chose to study and work on graphic design, as she could be still linked to the creative world with better working perspectives. 

With mural art, she feels that she has come back to her early curiosities. To leave the digital world and to come back to paint and get dirty, seems for her a very interesting vital circle to experiment with.

When did you start being interested in urban art and which other styles have you experimented with before?

Honestly, I think I started because I needed it. I was travelling through South-East Asia, and my low budget didn’t allow me to continue travelling more days but I wanted to, and keep discovering places, so I thought about painting murals In exchange for food and accommodation. Thanks to this, I survived 3 months in Malasia and 2 and a half months in Bali. But the pandemic arrived and it changed all my plans. During the lockdown, I thought that the journey was not finished yet, that I felt passionate about mural art, so I started looking for alternatives. Firstly, I searched for local artists who also were into this type of art to see how they worked, where… Afterwards, I saw that plenty of artists knew each other and that they painted together using Wallspot platform, and thanks to these connections I got to work on my first mural here, in Barcelona.
I don’t know if to consider my art as urban, although the tool is the street, I considered myself as a mural artist but marked by my design knowledge, and it’s perceptible for the colour usage and the shape of my drawings, typographies, prints…

On a personal level, what gives you the fact of working with urban art?

I have ocular problems and it is not convenient for me to work plenty of hours in front of a computer. Furthermore, it isolates you and doesn’t allow you to socialize. I consider myself a social person; I love travelling, talking, and creating at the same time. I truly believe that urban art allows me to do that, to link who I am with what I like to do. I care about freedom, is on the mural where I capture my feelings, where I keep evolving as an artist, I learn about different ways to improve and to improve my technique in new surfaces… Furthermore, one of the most beautiful things that happen when you are painting a mural is the interaction with other people, from the passerby that asks you about your artwork to the other artists who share with you their knowledge. It’s exciting. And, as an anecdote, when I designed people always complained that I did too big designs, now any wall is too big, the bigger the better!

In some of our walls, we have been able to see works that play with patterns and bright and warm colors, highlighting respect and love for nature. What impact do you want to create on the viewers who see your works? What is the main message that you want to depict through them?

It is a personal project; my contribution as a citizen and artist to the fight against climate change, to respect for the environment, to create awareness of it.
The paint that I use on the Wallspot walls is 100% recycled, thanks to donations from friends, neighbors, and family, and lately, I have received paint from manufacturers like Lepanto and Valentine who, seeing and knowing about my project, decided to collaborate. To thank and encourage them to help, I tell them that with their donations they choose the color palettes of my murals, if they give me red and blue in the next mural they will see red and blue.
It is my way of returning so much generosity received during my trip and here, I make wall art to be enjoyed by all. This is my reason to beautify the walls of Barcelona by providing color, joy, and vitality, with happy messages of environmental awareness, above all it is to say thank you.

Have you seen any artist, also an active user of the platform, who has inspired you or you want to recommend?

Yes, of course, I would recommend, above all, Núria Farre Abejón, Lu.Paul and Killa.ek because with them I painted my first mural in Barcelona and it was an unforgettable experience, I would also recommend Ana.blu, Fractal Tattoo, Poli.villalba.aguilar and Peone , I have coincided with them painting and they are top!

As an active user of the platform, have you noticed or missed any features that could be added or changed?

Honestly, my arrival on this platform is very recent ... for me, it works perfectly.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/marina.vallo/

WEB: https://www.marinavallo.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/hola.marinavallo