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Events , Festivals , Stories , call , newsletter | JOAN PIÑOL | 20-06-2019

From today the open call for artists of the 4th edition of the CROMÀPICA is open. Cromàpica is a street art festival that is celebrated in the town of Picassent (Valencia, Spain) since 2016, promoted by the City Hall of Picassent and its Youth Council.

Over the years, this festival has turned the town into another of the urban nucleus exhibitors of street art and it proposes, through art, the search for spaces to turn the town into an open air gallery that will contain quality artworks, which aim to transmit the dreams and realities that reside in the inhabitants of this town. In this way, year after year, the festival has been growing and the number of attendees as well as the number of artists participating in this event has increased steadily.

Finally, it is worth to mention that the festival also has prizes for the 4 most outstanding artists (individual or groupal), among which there is an economic reward and the assignment of a wall for each one of the finalists. So, from today, June 20, until July 4 you can apply for the open call and have the opportunity to be selected for this year's edition of Cromàpica.

- Here you can check the information of the open call:


- Here you can check the murals ubications and photos:


Photos: Joan Piñol