Wallspot Post - COVID HUNTER


Stories | EDO | 27-05-2020

These months we have been experiencing an exceptional situation, which has touched very closely the cultural and artistic field. Urban artists cannot go outside to capture their art, yet they have not stopped to create. Many of them have focused on other artistic projects, and others have taken advantage of all this free time to make sketches of their upcoming works. Wallspot launched the #WallspotEnCasa initiative, through which we have exchanged the streets for social networks, filling them with urban art. We can affirm that this proposal has been a complete success thanks to all the participating artists.

Now the situation seems to be improving, and step by step we are reaching the new normal. Now is the time to recover the lost time and express everything lived these past weeks through the best way we know how: graffiti. We encourage everyone to book the Wallspot walls and use them as a communication channel in order to turn the sketches into works and capture the current situation from an artistic lens.

Some of Wallspot artists have not wasted their time and have already jumped into the streets to perform their works, as Edjinn. This artist has intervened in the legal wall of Mas Guinardó, Barcelona. The work, titled COVID Hunter, depicts a piece of reality that we are currently living, using a critical vision and at the same time providing a touch of humor. COVID Hunter invites the neighbors to stand in front of it to reflect, while bringing a new ambience to the neighborhood, something very necessary in these times.

From Wallspot we are eager to see your works on the city walls again. For this reason, we encourage you to go out and paint, always following the necessary prevention measures. We remind you that you can tag us in the videos and images that you post on social media. This way, we’ll be able to share them on our profiles. So that, although urban art, as this situation, is ephemeral, we can have a memory of all the works.