Wallspot Post - Collective Open Call to celebrate the closure of the Moratalaz wall in Madrid

Collective Open Call to celebrate the closure of the Moratalaz wall in Madrid

newsletter , OPEN CALL | 16-12-2020

For two months, the wall in Av. Doctor García Tapia in the Media Legua neighborhood of Moratalaz has been an open canvas by receiving dozens of urban art expressions. During the first month, Wallspot has registered more than 100 interventions in the 167 meters long that this wall has.

The trial project for the activation of free and legal walls in Madrid comes to an end and we want to celebrate it with a closing event that will depict the great reception of the project in the urban art field and the Madrid graffiti sphere. For this reason, we launch an Open Call for a collective closure of the wall. It will be held on January 16th.

Do you want to bring your piece of art?

You only have to:
• Be registered on Wallspot
• Have painted on one of the two walls of Madrid between November and December 2020
• Have a photo of your mural uploaded on the platform
• And of course, register in THIS FORM

The selected people will be provided with 10 spray cans to choose, from Montana Colors or Writers Madrid stores. Wallspot also offers the painting for the wall’s background. Each artist will have a space of 2 meters high by 4 meters wide.

Sign up as soon as possible. On January 7 we will select the final group that will compose this collective mural.

If you have not had the opportunity to paint on the walls of Wallspot, book a day during December, upload an image of your artwork in the platform and then you’ll be able to register in the Open Call in order to be part of the closing event.