Events , newsletter | El Rughi , Maga , xupet , MEGUI , kamil escruela , TimMarsh , miriam diaz sanchez , Zach OREO | 08-06-2020

This Friday June 5, the internationally renowned urban artist Elxupetnegre, has organized a collective action on the Wallspot’s legal walls located in Tres Xemeneies (Barcelona).  This intervention main claim against racism, which unfortunately is still very latent in our society.

A total of fourteen artists have participated in this action. These have first covered the legal walls with a layer of black plastic paint and have subsequently made various pieces on top. All the works have been done using dark shades, thus generating a strong visual impact in the area, since seeing these usually busy walls covered in the same color is an exceptional fact.
The artists who have participated in this initiative are: Raúl de Dios, El Craneo, ElXupetnegre, Eldu, Miriam Díaz, SM172, Meguiart & Maga, Tim Marsh, Tropidelia, Kram, Oreo, Kamil, Dols and Zosen. Likewise, it has been supported by Montana Colors, 360 bs Barcelona and Wallspot.

This action performed in Tres Xemeneies, one of the first legal walls that was implemented in the city of Barcelona, joins the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, with the aim of replicating it in other cities around the world, in order to give more visibility to this movement. From Wallspot we support one hundred percent this type of intervention, since urban art has always been used as a tool for social claim.

Photos by  Fotos de Lucas Bartucci 


Tv3: https://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/telenoticies/murals-negres-contra-el-racisme/video/6046303/#.XttqaHHDLk1.whatsapp 

Btv: https://beteve.cat/societat/art-urba-tres-xemeneies-contra-racisme/

El Salto Diario: https://www.elsaltodiario.com/miradas-urbanas/los-muros-de-barcelona-se-solidarizan-con-george-floyd