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Arnau Gallery

Events , Stories , call | JOAN PIÑOL | 25-06-2019

Arnau Galley is a rotating open-air gallery project located on the facade of the old Teatre Arnau, an emblematic space of Barcelona located in the Raquel Meller square. 

This initiative is directed, produced and curated by Xavi Ballaz and Antoine Careil through Difusor and Street Art Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with the Recuperem el Teatre Arnau platform, various entities of the neighbourhood and Montana Colors, with the goal of promoting contemporary urban art in Barcelona through a space that complements the free access walls that already exist in the city and to link this dynamic with the work of the different entities in the neighbourhood that demand and defend the reopening of the Teatre Arnau and its recovery as public cultural equipment.

According to this, to carry out its activity, Arnau Gallery seeks or receives proposals from different artists, at local, national or international level, and proposes productions based on the cooperation in duos to execute the artworks, in which the artists can choose their companion or be matched by the organizers, being the resulting compositions a fusion of styles and a constant dialogue between both artists. 

In this way, the Arnau Gallery wall is rotated every two weeks and harbours during that time the mural of the two selected artists, being an outdoor gallery that changes its appearance periodically, embellishes this space that is located in a point of great circulation and visibility and, above all, reveals the work of all the artists who have passed through this wall and, consequently, the city of Barcelona.

Photos: Joan Piñol