Wallspot Post - 8M WOMART JAM


Events , Festivals | 09-03-2021

Last Sunday 7th of March we held the Wallspot JAM of the month, the Womart JAM!
This event revolved around 8M, International Women's Day, so all the artists who participated were exclusively women.

The day started with some setbacks due to the rain, but at eleven in the morning we managed to start with even more strength and motivation! Galleta María and Pixa Pixa, the guest artists and those in charge of selecting the participants, performed their works on the central walls of the square. The sidewall was filled with the works of Mireia Esteban, La Castillo, Nuria Farré, Carola Bagnato, Lídia Mpakkete, Elbaelbita, Ama 01, and Silvia Ostin, all of whom, in different ways, claimed the importance of women in our society.

At noon we hosted a live performance by Red Wine Inity, a dance collective composed by female dancers. Attendees were able to enjoy their energetic choreographies that filled the square with good vibes while showing the diversity of artistic disciplines that can come together in public spaces from a female perspective.

Throughout the day, multiple attendees came to see and photograph the artists' vindictive works. Many people were surprised to see this action since it is not usual for the free walls of Tres Xemeneies to be full of women capturing their works.

Likewise, throughout the day, there was an environment of sisterhood and community among the artists, who little by little are gaining the equality and recognition they deserve within the urban art field.

We want to thank the participation and predisposition of all the artists, the collaboration of Montana Colors, Montó Pinturas and Sants Montjuïc District, since without them this event could not have been held.