Wallspot Post - 2nd Edition of Festival ASALTO Alfamén

2nd Edition of Festival ASALTO Alfamén

Festivals , video , call | 11-03-2019

Between the 20th and the 28th of June 2018, the 2nd Asalto Festival in Alfamén (Zaragoza) was performed, being a festival that since its first edition seeks to transport urban art to rural areas. The Asalto Festival has been celebrated since 2005 every September in the city of Zaragoza, however, in 2017 they decided to run an additional edition in another environment. This is how the project appears in the town of Alfamén, a small rural community that has joined the phenomenon of the cities that exhibit artistic murals. This initiative is characterized by creating a dynamic of participation and coexistence between the artists and the inhabitants of this town, where the participant develop their work basing it on history, culture and/or the interaction with its residents. Thereby, in this second edition the festival has counted with the participation of the artists Cristian Blanxer, Roc BlackBlock, Elisa Capdevila, Twee Muizen, Álvaro Oskua, Sojo, Anna Taratiel and Zësar Bahamonte.

Photo: Joan Piñol