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Stories , video | ANTON SEOANE "ROKE" | 02-12-2021

Last November the artists from Wallspot Antón Seoane and David Brey reunited to create a big format piece, in the murals of Wallspot in Tres Xemeneies, a tribute to the animated television series of adventure, drama and comedy set in the League of Legends universe, Arcane. Mural which took about 8 hours to finalize.Antón Seoane (Vigo, 1986) is an Industrial Designer by ELISAVA. Despite his technical training he has always had artistic interests. And that is how he began in a self-taught way his...

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Stories | 24-02-2021

The PosttraumaticA non-newspaper created by creatives and artists.A concert that can only be heard by scanning the QR code; a golden asteroid that is about to hit the earth; a political action that denounces the precarious work situation of seasonal workers in Spain; the Congress of Deputies that becomes the "Congress of the Imputed" after the imprisonment of the entire political class, are some of the articles that you will find in the first issue of The Posttraumatic. Published by Greta Rusttt...

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Moratalaz Graffiti workshop

Stories | 21-12-2020

On Saturday, December 19th, we went out to the streets with eight boys and girls hand in hand with Caminar Association of El Ruedo. With them we went to the free wall of Dr. García Tapia - Media Legua and, together with the graffiti artist and social educator Dulze, we left a mural in defense of the rights of the child.The morning woke up rainy, so while Dulze and the group of children prepared some sketches and learned to make shadows and 3D letters on the paper, on a covered site at the Camina...

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More than 150 interventions in a month of legal walls in Madrid!

Stories , newsletter | 16-12-2020

More than 150 interventions in a month of legal walls in Madrid!The first month of legal walls in Madrid leaves us joy. In just four weeks we have registered more than 150 interventions in the two spaces provided by the City Council of Madrid: the almost 170 meters of the concrete wall on Doctor García Tapia Avenue, in Moratalaz and the two high sides of the street tunnel in José Paulete with Buenos Aires, in Puente de Vallecas.Despite the cold, the rainy days of autumn and the pandemic, the dri...

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Renovation works of the pavement of Tres Xemeneies

Stories , newsletter | 30-11-2020

Today, November 30th, the renovation works of the pavement of Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies begin. These are part of a comprehensive remodeling action of the square and will have a total duration of 10 days and the area will remain fenced and closed until further notice during this period of time.From Wallspot we ask our users to respect the development of the works and ask them to have a an understanding attitude towards the workers and the work that is being done there.Sorry for any inconvenie...

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PUNTO DE FUGA by Claudio Drë

Events , Stories | Claudio Drë | 28-10-2020

Claudio Drë presents Punto de Fuga, an exhibition in Barcelona.Claudio Drë is a Chilean artist who is currently based in Barcelona. He began in the world of art through graffiti and technical drawing, and after a few years transferred his work to canvas, creating oil, acrylic and spray paintings. His works have reached an international level, since they have been presented in Chile, Latin America and various cities in Europe.The works of this Wallspot artist are exhibited in Ronda Barcelona. The...

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Stories , newsletter , | 05-10-2020

We’re glad to announce our collaboration with Street Levels Gallery as cultural managers from Florence's free walls and introducing them on Wallspot platform. The first wall is the Underway passage ‘’Leon Battista Alberti’’, located in Piazza Leon Battista Alberti, 50136, Florence. This wall is an underway tunnel with a height of 2.5m and 15m length and a ceiling of 2.90 length and 15 x 2.5. It also counts on two exterior walls: The first one, with 2.5m height and length, and the second one meas...

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Stories | EDO | 27-05-2020

These months we have been experiencing an exceptional situation, which has touched very closely the cultural and artistic field. Urban artists cannot go outside to capture their art, yet they have not stopped to create. Many of them have focused on other artistic projects, and others have taken advantage of all this free time to make sketches of their upcoming works. Wallspot launched the #WallspotEnCasa initiative, through which we have exchanged the streets for social networks, filling them wi...

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BIG WALLS , Stories , newsletter | 05-03-2020

On February 9th, the next day of the opening, El Pont de la Ronda free wall (Barcelona) was repainted. This time, the intervention was made by two American artists: Sarah Painter and Cosby Hayes. Occupying half of the surface, in a 4 meters high by 200 meters long wall, we find the mural of the painted portrait of the journalist, translator, anti-fascist and revolutionary Marina Ginestà. It is an artwork that evokes the black-and-white photography taken by photographer Hans Gutmann on July...

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Stories | 25-02-2020

We are sad to inform you that the Agricultura Wall will disappear in the upcoming months from the free walls managing system Wallspot. This wall located in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, has the biggest surface available in Barcelona, since it surrounds an entire block that goes from 2 meters to 10 meters high.It was opened in 2014 and since then there have been more than 2115 interventions. With this wall “Murs Lliures” began, a project which aim was to revitalise disused spaces and which over...

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