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newsletter | 18-02-2020

Wallspot has new walls in Finland!Wallspot has arrived in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. There are four walls which are located on Reivikuja 2 street in a double bridge outside the city center. This is why this area of walls is called “katutaidetunneli”, which means urban art tunnel in Finnish. Each wall measures 3.20 x 11.30 meters, and they are easily accessible, so artists can paint with total security and calm. The manager of these walls in Finland is Jukka Silokunnas, an artist who is...

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newsletter | 16-02-2020

Recently, in Copenhagen (Denmark) the City Council has acquired a new legal wall 3.5 meters high and 45 meters’ long so that all artists who wish paint can do it legally. The wall will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is free for anyone who wants to use it. The wall is located at Klitmollervej 20 and is managed by IFUK (Institute For Urban Kunst). IFUK is an art production company that promotes and defends urban art in public spaces, not only in Denmark but also in the rest of the...

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Events , newsletter | 14-02-2020

On the past February 8th, a new legal wall was inaugurated throughout the day in the Horta Guinardó neighbourhood of Barcelona. Several artists applied for the open call, 10 of which were selected: Rodrigo Estoy, Uri-kthr, Alchinesse, Pabs, Boo-wilbury, Ana-blu, Peone1, Nuria-Farre, Ekosaurio, Elhadj Congratulations!All of them had previously painted on the Wallspot platform during 2019 and 2020. Apart from the support, Wallspot offered them plastic paint and sprays to perform their...

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newsletter , TRAVEL THE WALL | 11-02-2020

On October 6, Wallspot received in Barcelona the collective of urban artists KSR (Kocha Se Raya), Bolivian artists with a long history and who have been invited to numerous national and international events and festivals.This intervention is part of the Travel The Wall artistic exchange program. The artists painted the mural of the Guinardó (4.5 x 40 m).Wallspot covered production costs and documented the process with a video interview and photos. KSR collective merges elements such as typograph...

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Do you want to paint in the opening of a new free wall in Barcelona?

Events , call , newsletter | 01-02-2020

On the 8th of February 2020 we will be opening a new wall in Horta Guinardó neighbourhood in Barcelona and we want to celebrate with you. We are inviting 12 artists who are registered in Wallspot to release the new incorporation within the platform along that day on February 2020. Wallspot’s team will select 12 artists who have painted between 2019 and 2020 to perform free themed artistic interventions on the new wall. Wallspot will provide the artists with 5 sprays and plastic paint to whi...

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call , WALL LAB , newsletter | 31-01-2020

Do you want to promote your work by performing a mural in Barcelona?We’re launching an open call for the new Wall Lab’s edition, an initiative with a professional character addressed to the registered artists of the platform and which main goal is to promote local talent. The winners of this Open Call will be able to paint a mural with a permanence of half a year on a outside space in Barcelona. For this edition, which will take place during April 2020, we will select 3 different artists, who wi...

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Events , call , newsletter | 31-01-2020

Wallspot offers again the lifting platform training (platforms, articulated arms), for all those artists who are registered on the Wallspot platform.This course will take place on March the 7th at Level Instrukta (Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona), which has professional staff in the training of PEMP. The number of places is limited, has a cost of 80€ for each artist. At the end of the course, the artists will obtain the compulsory title in order to work with infrastructures in accordance with Standar...

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Oliebollenjam 2020 Rotterdam

Events , Stories , newsletter | 27-01-2020

The people of Rotterdam, together with Rewriters, have welcomed 2020 in a very special way. Although there was no winter atmosphere, being unusual during this time in the Netherlands, they have gone out to the streets, to celebrate this new year.In this 2020 edition of the Nieuwjaarsjam in Rotterdamse Schuttersveld, many citizens have gone to the streets to celebrate the new year in a very special way; some artists have painted their works on the Wallspot wall, giving it a new look. Meanwhile, n...

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Travel The Wall Aberdeen

Interviews , newsletter , TRAVEL THE WALL | Danny Rumbl | 21-01-2020

For this edition of Travel The Wall, Danny Rumbl was selected by Throw Up Gallery to portray his works in Scotland.Danny Rumbl is an illustrator and artist from Rotterdam where he’s working on illustrations, large scale murals and wooden sculptures. His inspiration springs from his love for cartoons and illustrations from the 60’s and 70’s, nature, food and modern pop culture.The artist's stayed in Aberdeen from October 25th to the 28th, and he has explained us his experience: “I was very happy...

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video , WALL LAB , newsletter | 09-01-2020

Anna Taratiel, also known as OVNI, has been the selected artist to participate in Wallspot's latest Wall Lab. Wall Lab is conceived as a professional initiative through which Wallspot artists are chosen to perform an artistic mural with a temporality of one year in diverse spaces.OVNI has made a mural in a space facilitated by voraport Acta Hotels. This temporary space is a construction fence located in Poblenou (Barcelona) where in a few years we will find a hotel. This type of intervention aim...

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