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Interviews | elezissou | 16-11-2021

Elena González aka ele.zissou is an illustrator and muralist based in Madrid but born in a small town in Salamanca. She started as a graphic designer moving between Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin, until she discovered that her path was illustration, a world where she feels more comfortable and freer. Inspired by nature, by her childhood experiences, by animated series and movies that she has seen since she was little and by other illustrators she admires, she has created her own visual...

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Interviews | Garrido | 09-11-2021

Garrido Design was born in 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela. He's a graphic designer, muralist, tattoo artist and, above all, a calligraphic artist. It all started when he was little and he became interested in hip-hop and rap, which eventually brought him closer to graffiti and tags when he was 12 years old. In 2012 he began his approach to calligraphy with a course taught by a great Venezuelan graffiti artist and designer, Burnen Wong. In 2015 he moved to Barcelona to study branding and visu...

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Interviews | Claudio Drë | 02-11-2021

Claudio Drë is an artist who resides in Barcelona and who was born in Concepción, Chile, in 1981. He started tagging in 1996 and then painted his first graffiti. It was not until 2002 that he painted his first studio painting and then he started working both in the studio and the streets. In 2009 he lived in Buenos Aires, where he met new people, music and readings that made him reconsider his activity and inspired the abstract change in his works. His recent works are filled with geometric...

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Interviews | art3sano | 29-06-2021

Ricardo for his family, ART3 or ART3SANO for his friends and colleagues. Born in June 1985 in the city of Maracaibo (Venezuela), since childhood and by family inheritance he entered the world of art and drawing with a preference for urban culture (graffiti, tattoo, skate, bmx, hip hop). In 2002, he began his studies in Graphic Design and developed as a self-taught illustrator. After finishing his studies in 2007 and since then he has been professionally dedicated to advertising as an art/cre...

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Interviews | Killa.Ek | 22-06-2021

Killa is an activist and visual artist from the city of Quito - Ecuador, she currently lives in Barcelona, she has a degree in Graphic and Industrial Design, a postgraduate degree in Digital Illustration and New Media and a Master's degree in Audiovisual Content and Advertising, as well as an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts with a minor in art and gender studies. The artist is part of the feminist art collective of migrant women -Las Migras de Abya Yala- and she directs the ‘Urban Art as Colle...

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Interviews | Ro Ledesma | 15-06-2021

Ro Ledesma is a 30-year-old Galician illustrator, living in Barcelona since 2015. Before arriving in Barcelona, she lived for a while in Buenos Aires, working for advertising agencies as an Art Director, she left it to focus on illustration, which she currently works on. Her work can be seen in editorial projects, brands, advertising, walls, etc.... Her clients include brands such as Heura, Penguin Books, Netflix, Santillana and many more. Ro likes to do...

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Interviews | 08-06-2021

Slomo is a Venezuelan artist that has lived in the USA for the last 17 years, and he’s now living in Barcelona. His work is based on a lot of colors, transparencies, overlays in geometric or abstract shapes.He has a lot of influence from Venezuelan Kineticism, teachers like Soto, Cruz Diez, Otero, greatly marked his childhood, growing up in Caracas, Venezuela surrounded by so much cinematic work on the streets, galleries or museums.His other influences have been Spanish urban artists, such as...

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Interviews | Ekosaurio | 01-06-2021

Known as Eko for some people, Ekosaurio for others, and Bebo for others is a self-taught Puerto Rican artist who, at the age of 15, began to do graffiti, which was his first connection with painting and art in general. He studied architecture and then completed two masters degrees, one in furniture design and the other in advanced studies in design. Despite never having taken lessons in painting or drawing, he pursued his dream and his passion for art. Some of his murals can be seen throughout t...

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Interviews | Inventura Studio | 25-05-2021

Inventura Studio is a visual artist born in Belo Horizonte - (Brazil), graduated in graphic design and illustration. In 2014 he built his own screen-printing workshop and since then he started working under the name Inventura Studio. The project started with screen printing, but he never intended to limit himself to a single technique, or to a single location. So, he kept moving and in 2017 he reached Barcelona, giving continuity to the aim of experimenting, learning and creating in different me...

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Interviews | pixapixa | 18-05-2021

Sofía, artistically known as "Pixa", was born in Chile 28 years ago, where she studied Graphic Design. The artist landed in Barcelona in 2019 to do a Master's degree in illustration and ended up staying. Drawing has been a part of her life since she can remember. She always has had a strong interest in the visual universe, from comics to the world of street art and illustration. Since she has been in Barcelona, Sofía has immersed herself much more in urban art. Last year she travelled to paint a...

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