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Sign up for Platform Lift Training

Events , OPEN CALL | 22-08-2023

Aware of the challenges facing the urban art sector, at Wallspot we are committed to the promotion and development of artists' skills, and we want to offer our support to them in their training and professionalization. So, on this occasion, we are doing so by programming training and specialised courses in the handling of lifting machinery (including platforms, articulated arms...) for all the artists registered in Wallspot. These courses are designed to address fundamental aspects...

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In the vibrant scenario of Barcelona, on Sunday, June 18th, took place the JAM "There is no home without LGTBIQ+ rights". This event had the main purpose of raising for the rights of refugees belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, while promoting their inclusion and equality. Following the slogan " There is no home without LGTBIQ+ rights" the JAM emerged as a space for creative expression, aiming to raise awareness and give a voice to those courageous refugees who not only face the ad...

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New LGTBIQ+ Jam Open Call

Events , OPEN CALL | 28-04-2023

THERE IS NO HOME WITHOUT LGTBIQ+ RIGHTS In Wallspot we cannot stop! This time, we celebrate diversity! In June there is the international day for the rights of the LGTBIQ+ collective, which will give rise to the LGTBIQ+ JAM with the aim to end discrimination, threats, aggressions and prejudices against the LGTBIQ+ community.As in previous editions, we will count on the collaboration of an association that works in favour of the collective and that has knowledge and experience of the inju...

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Last Sunday, March 5th and on the occasion of 8M, Wallspot hosted the fourth edition of WOMART JAM at the Three Chimneys Park under the slogan 'Our ceiling is not glass, it is concrete'. On this occasion we have had the good fortune to collaborate with an association of the Raval neighborhood coordinated by tireless women: Associació intercultural Diàlegs de Dona, a space of welcome and socialization for immigrant women who work to facilitate and contribute to their autonomy and social...

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Womart JAM 2023 Open Call

Events , OPEN CALL | 02-02-2023

Hello everyone!!! We bring you news that will surely interest you: First of all, we want to announce that we are back in the ring with the JAMS and this March, in commemoration of 8M, international women's day, we will celebrate the fourth edition of WOMART JAM. This time we will work hand in hand with a social association that works and focuses on the eradication of discrimination and violence against women and other vulnerable groups. We will soon announce both the partner organi...

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On Sunday 23 October, in Parc de les Tres Xemeneies (Paral·lel, Barcelona) Wallspot hosted the migration JAM 'ALL BORDERS ARE IN YOUR HEAD'. On this occasion, it was considered important to join the debate on racism, stereotypes, and the conceptual limits that we have internalised as a society, as well as to talk about migratory movements and the resulting humanitarian crises. This JAM has been agreed with the collective Dos Latinas, a platform and foundation that works with artists,...

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Last Sunday we celebrated the LGTBIQ+ JAM in the framework of Pride. During the day ten artistic murals were made to vindicate older people within the LGTBIQ+ collective.PixaPixa, Fractal Tattoo, 2304, Luluaces, Marcel Serrano, Ale Poiré, Demut art, were the artists selected by the two guest artists of Wallspot Pabs and Galleta Maria to capture on the walls the importance of the elderly in the fight for LGTBIQ+ rights.For this occasion we had the collaboration of GAG, an association that works f...

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Wall Lab April2022

Events , WALL LAB | Dante Arcade | 05-04-2022

Last Monday, April 4th, the first edition of this year's Wall Lab was held. It was celebrated at the Forum Park in Barcelona and this time the selected artist was Dante Arcade. This artist builds in his works a particular retro universe where futurism and vintage go hand in hand. For this occasion, Dante uses the influence of the nineties, the Memphis style, vectorization and vibrant colors and amalgamates them with Miami vibes, the influence of comics and graffiti, creating a mural...

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Sunday March 6th, the third edition of Womart JAM took place in the Three Chimneys Park in Barcelona. As part of the celebration of 8-M, Rebobinart organized an artistic day that aims to promote female talent in urban art, to make visible the situations of gender inequality and the need to create spaces of denunciation in the artistic field.Fractal Tattoo, Carola Bagnato, Galletamaria, Maria Cuellar, Killa Ek, Magia Trece, Ivonne Navarro and Sigrid Amores were the artists selected by the two Gue...

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