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call , newsletter | 06-12-2020

From Wallspot we want to support all artists so they can express their art. One way to do it is by offering material discounts. That is why we have launched some promotional codes for Spray Planet and Montó. By using these, Wallspot artists will be able to obtain discounts on paint, which will be applicable until the end of the year.Montana Colors MONTANA COLORS 5% discount on any purchase with the code: WALLSPOT510% discount on purchases over € 200 with the code: WA...

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WALL LAB by Ele.Zissou

video , WALL LAB , newsletter | elena-gonzález | 22-07-2020

Here we present the result of Ele.Zissou's artwork, which she performed for the Wallspot’s Wall Lab artistic programme.Due to the health crisis surrounding COVID-19, this latest edition of Wall Lab has been carried out with a slightly different artistic selection format. During the lockdown, from Wallspot we launched an Instagram contest: Wallspot En Casa. Through this, Wallspot artists were invited to present a sketch and post it on their profile including the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. At the en...

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WALL LAB by Borneo Modofoker

video , WALL LAB | Borneo Modofoker | 22-07-2020

Wall Lab’s latest edition was held during the month of July. The format of this edition was a little bit different due to the pandemic situation that we have experienced, so the winning artists were selected through the Instagram Contest Wallspot En Casa. In this Open Call, Wallspot artists were invited to submit a mural sketch along with the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. From all the participants, Wallspot selected the 3 winning proposals, thus inviting 3 different artists to participate in this lat...

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WALL LAB by Roc Blackblock

video , WALL LAB , newsletter | roc blackblock | 22-07-2020

This work by the artist Roc Blackblock is part of Wall Lab’s latest edition.The Wall Lab programme is aimed at artistic experimentation in public spaces and the creation of long-lasting murals on walls with different formats.The Open Call for this edition was launched through a contest called Wallspot En Casa, in which the artists were invited to submit a mural sketch along with the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. From all the participants, Wallspot selected the 3 winning proposals, and Roc Blackblock...

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Wall Lab November 2020

call , WALL LAB , newsletter | 06-07-2020

We’re launching an open call for the new Wall Lab’s edition, a professional initiative addressed to the registered artists of the platform and which main goal is to promote local talent. The winners of this Open Call will be able to paint a mural in Sant Andreu (Barcelona), which will have a permanence of at least one year.For this edition, which will take place during November 2020, we will select 4 different artists, who will be invited to paint a free themed mural. It is a great opportunity t...

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MTN Virtual Residency by Montana Colors – 1ª Edición

call , newsletter | 30-06-2020

Montana Colors, the original brand of spray paint from Barcelona, is pleased to present the first edition of their virtual artist residency 2020 – MTN Virtual Residency by Montana Colors. Montana Colors continues their work of supporting cultural creators, many of whom are affected by the current precarious circumstances. Because of this, we invite and convene for our first virtual residence – MTN Virtual Residency by Montana Colors - in which artists from any country in the world c...

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This Saturday, June the 6th, we celebrated the opening of a new Wallspot wall in Les Corts district in Barcelona.To celebrate the incorporation of this legal wall in the platform, we launched an open call addressed to all Walspot artists based in Barcelona or its surroundings. Sixteen artists were selected from all the participants, and these winners have had the opportunity to be the first to fill this wall with color.The selected artists have been: art3sano, Kimo Osuna, Sergi Bastida, Ives One...

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Events , newsletter | El Rughi , Maga , xupet , MEGUI , kamil escruela , TimMarsh , miriam diaz sanchez , Zach OREO | 08-06-2020

This Friday June 5, the internationally renowned urban artist Elxupetnegre, has organized a collective action on the Wallspot’s legal walls located in Tres Xemeneies (Barcelona). This intervention main claim against racism, which unfortunately is still very latent in our society.A total of fourteen artists have participated in this action. These have first covered the legal walls with a layer of black plastic paint and have subsequently made various pieces on top. All the works have been d...

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This Saturday, June 6, we will open a new legal wall in Les Corts.A few months ago we launched an open call for all Wallspot artists currently based in Barcelona and we selected 15 of those who participated. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the inauguration this Saturday, where each one will capture a 4x4m piece on the new legal wall in Les Corts. Each artist will receive five Montana sprays, as the brand has collaborated with us for this bid opening,We are looking forward...

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Stories | EDO | 27-05-2020

These months we have been experiencing an exceptional situation, which has touched very closely the cultural and artistic field. Urban artists cannot go outside to capture their art, yet they have not stopped to create. Many of them have focused on other artistic projects, and others have taken advantage of all this free time to make sketches of their upcoming works. Wallspot launched the #WallspotEnCasa initiative, through which we have exchanged the streets for social networks, filling them wi...

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