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newsletter | 06-12-2020

From Wallspot we want to support all artists so they can express their art. One way to do it is by offering material discounts. That is why we have launched some promotional codes for Spray Planet and Montó. By using these, Wallspot artists will be able to obtain discounts on paint, which will be applicable until the end of the year.Montana Colors MONTANA COLORS 5% discount on any purchase with the code: WALLSPOT510% discount on purchases over € 200 with the code: WA...

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WALL CLAIM by Felipe Pincel

newsletter , WALL CLAIM | felipe pincel | 25-11-2020

Last October we held the second edition of Wall Claim!This art programme invites different artists who are part of the platform to paint an artistic intervention on the outer wall of the Centre Cultural La Farinera Del Clot in Barcelona. The motifs of the murals are always in tune with some of the International Days established by the UN. Wall Claim, thus, responds to the need to give visibility to certain social groups using art as a means and tool of social claim.The theme of this edition has...

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Interviews | bymireiaesteban | 24-11-2020

Mireia Esteban -artistically known as bymireiaesteban- is a multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona who works with art, tattoos, and hairdressing. She studied the first year of artistic baccalaureate and then continued with middle-grade characterization studies.Mireia was born from a family of artists: her earliest memories of art are the ones of hergrandmother putting curlers in her clandestine hairdresser and also drawing pictures of herdaughter, Mireia’s mother, on a bust made by he...

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newsletter , OPEN CALL | 23-11-2020

A new edition of Wallspot JAMS is here: SPORT JAM!The theme of this JAM is devoted to sport, therefore the artists who participate in this event will have to paint a mural through their personal style representing any type of sports practices. The JAM will be located in the Wallspot walls of the Parc de la Bederrida, a space that has one of the largest areas for sports use in Barcelona. In tune with the urban environment and with the aim of promoting values of physical and mental well-being, inc...

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newsletter , OPEN CALL | 19-11-2020

Last Wallspot’s JAM of 2020 is here: Extinction JAMThe theme of this JAM is devoted to all animals that are at risk of extinction. So that, artists who participate in this event must perform a mural that includes at least one animal that is in this situation of vulnerability.Currently, according to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2,500 species are at risk of extinction. This is due to multiple causes, which can be very particular in each specie. However, climate cha...

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Interviews | Núria Farré | 17-11-2020

Núria Farré is a young painting and photography artist. She was born in Barcelona in 1992 and studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Despite being so young, Núria has experienced a great artistic career: she has exhibited her artworks in galleries and museums on a national and international sphere. Apart from Spain, she has traveled to the USA and Taiwan and has attended different fairs in cities such as Paris (France), Cologne (Germany), Taipei (Taiwan), and Madrid.Her works have bee...

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newsletter , , OPEN CALL | 17-11-2020

We are inaugurating a second Wallspot wall in the city of Madrid!Next Saturday, November 21st, we will hold the opening of the new wall in Puente de Vallecas in Vallecas District. This will be a new space devoted to artistic interventions and throughout the next two months it will host the works of the urban artists of the city.In order to celebrate the incorporation of this new wall into the system, we are launching an open call addressed to artists who are willing to participate in the inaugur...

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newsletter , OPEN CALL | 17-11-2020

Next Saturday, November 28th, a Wallspot will held Womart JAM in Madrid!On this important date as the 25th of November, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, we believe that it is very important to claim the role of women in the urban arts. Womart is a project that claims the need to recognise and give visibility to female talent in the visual arts while promoting gender equality within the urban art field. One of Wallspot’s goals is to create spaces where women ar...

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Events , BIG WALLS , WALL LAB | zaick , Maruhrz , Eloise Gillow , Inventura Studio | 16-11-2020

We’re glad to announce the beginning of a new edition of Wall Lab tomorrow, 17th of November, that will be held on Carrer Clot 228 (Sant Andreu). Wall lab is a professional initiative addressed to Wallspot users that has, as an objective, making visible the local talent through the creation of a mural of medium or long duration.The artists that will colour this Wall Lab edition are Inventura Studio, Eloise Gillow, Zaick and Maru Hrz. Each of them will contribute with a unique and different style...

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Interviews | 10-11-2020

Marcel Serrano is a Brazilian graphic artist who graduated in Visual Communication and post-graduated in Strategic Design. He’s keeping his artistic language in the development and experimenting with different artistic fields: Marcel also works in the fashion industry, and he shows us that designing a product is also art. In 2017 he moved to Barcelona and started his art & design studio.It’s not easy to find sustainable T-Shirts at reasonable prices. Due to this, the artist is working on a c...

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