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Events | 05-05-2021

The Espai Jove La Fontana opens the call for a mural intervention in the square of Carrer Santa Rosa, behind the Espai Jove La Fontana.The event is aimed at all young artists and groups from 16 to 29 years old who want to express their creativity La Fontana.The Espai Jove organizes this call within the framework of the program of the square as an art gallery, which intends to make it a space for the exhibition and creation of urban youth art, offer a space for support and dissemination, and give...

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Interviews | S. Selva | 04-05-2021

Salvaje Selva is an artist who became interested in graffiti at the age of eleven. He started out writing lyrics, following the old-school style. At the institute he studied the Baccalaureate of Art, later he did the degree of Fine Arts, he was in Naples studying engraving and later he went to Madrid to do a Master of the same discipline at the Casa de la Moneda. While he was studying art he was doing graffiti in parallel. For years, his work as an art student and what he did on the walls were t...

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Events | 28-04-2021

The Monar't festival of urban art and wall painting in Girona opens the bases for the presentation of projects on the theme of diversity and cultural richness in the neighbourhoods, within the framework of its 3rd edition, which will take place from Monday, September 20 to Sunday, September 26, 2021.The call is open to both individuals and artistic groups and is aimed at urban artists, graffiti artists, muralists, illustrators, painters, and multidisciplinary artists.The theme revolves around th...

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OPEN CALL | 28-04-2021

We present you JAM Realism, the JAM Wallspot of the month of June!This JAM is dedicated to all artists who seek to capture reality as accurately as possible in their works. This style that seeks the detail and the maximum proximity of the figures, is increasingly present in urban art. Through objectivity, urban artists who practice this technique are able to expose all kinds of subjects that make the public reflect.On June 20th, the walls of Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona, will host a total of 10 art...

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Interviews | TimMarsh | 27-04-2021

Tim Marsh is a half-French half Maltese artist who is currently based in Barcelona. He is a multidisciplinary artist who never stops creating and experimenting with different formats and creative fields. We can see him painting from walls to canvas, on lightpainting works, or even skateboards, which are filled by his artworks.His style is characterized by colorful geometric shapes that address different themes: from animals to social satire, his artworks hide a deeper meaning which eventually in...

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Open Call WALL LAB'21

WALL LAB , OPEN CALL | 27-04-2021

We are launching a new call to participate in the Wall Lab 2021 edition, a professional initiative for the users of the Wallspot platform, that aims to make local talent visible. The winners of this call will be able to paint a mural that will last for one year in Poblenou, Barcelona.For this edition, which will take place during the month of September 2021, four artists will be selected, who will be able to paint a free-themed mural which is 4 meters height by 6 meters width. Each intervention...

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Events , OPEN CALL | 27-04-2021

LIFTING PLATFORMS TRAININGFrom Wallspot, we want to promote the professionalization and training of urban artists by programming training courses, to cover the essential aspects that every artist should know about. That is why we open a training course for handling lifting machinery (platforms, articulated arms)This course is open to artists registered on the Wallspot platform and who are interested in improving their technical and practical knowledge.Taking this training allows obtaining the ma...

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Events | 26-04-2021

Last Sunday the 25th the Wild Life JAM was held at the Tres Xemeneies Wallspot!Carola Bagnato and Ekosaurio, the JAM guest artists, were in charge of making the selection of the 8 artists who participated in this event. The day started a bit cloudy, but as the sun rose, the works by Zane, Núria Cintero, Silvia Ospina, Inventura Studio, Pepasso, Santiago Elefante, Art3sano, Ana de Lima, and Irina Muñoz, filled the sidewall of the square.On a green background, the artists captured all kinds of ani...

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Events , OPEN CALL | 23-04-2021

The fourth edition of KRONOS ART BCN is here!From July 10 to 17, the KRONOS ART festival will be held in Barcelona, KRONOS ART BCN starts from the concept of time, therefore it is divided into three specific areas that will represent the transit of time: past, present and future.In addition to the art show for which this festival is recognized, there will also be multiple activities such as workshops, presentations, performances, guided tours, film screenings, talks, and a live painting, among o...

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Interviews | savelga | 20-04-2021

Sara Velázquez is an artist from Madrid that lives in Hamburg. She works, during the day, on the audio-visual field, and during the night she turns to her passion: urban art, above all when she creates it from spirituality. She started, a long time ago, on the photography field, being selected as the young revelation artist from FAIM, among other contests. From then on, she jumped to the audio-visual world (television, animation, and now gaming) and, although urban art was one of her dreams...

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