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call , newsletter | 06-12-2020

From Wallspot we want to support all artists so they can express their art. One way to do it is by offering material discounts. That is why we have launched some promotional codes for Spray Planet and Montó. By using these, Wallspot artists will be able to obtain discounts on paint, which will be applicable until the end of the year.Montana Colors MONTANA COLORS 5% discount on any purchase with the code: WALLSPOT510% discount on purchases over € 200 with the code: WA...

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Events , Festivals | 30-09-2020

The Urban Art Festival ‘’Periferia Beat Festival’’, reaches its 4th edition this Saturday, 3rd of October in an adapted format to the circumstances our new normal. The Periferia Beat Fest is an initiative for an independent Hip Hop and Urban Art Festival in Barcelona, which will feature different activities such as concerts, talks and dance workshops. Even though the health crisis it’s hindering all cultural events, the organization has worked hard to adapt this event to the new measures and kee...

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Events , BIG WALLS | 30-09-2020

On Thursday, September 17th, a group of Chilean urban artists living in Barcelona and local artists painted a collective mural against the cultural and racial discrimination of the Mapuche people. The mural, located on C/ del Clot 228, was executed on one of the medium-format walls managed by the cultural entity Rebobinart with the support of the Wallspot urban art platform.Due to the formation of the Chilean state, the collective group Mapuche has lost their recognition and representation in th...

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Events | 29-09-2020

The master students of Elisava University that are coursing Illustration and Comic, and Photography and Design, have completed their project ''Raval(in) visible'', on the Wallspot walls of Tres Xemeneies.In this project, the students of both modalities have been working together for months. During this time, they have explored the graphic format of photonovel, investigating and updating this composition where illustration, comics, photography and design converge in different forms of visual narr...

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Events | 29-09-2020

Wallspot starts a new project, Wallspot JAMS!This consists of the realization of various JAMS of specific themes that will be held throughout the year. Through an open call to all Wallspot users, 10 artists will be selected who will have the opportunity to participate in the events. Also, each JAM will be attended by two invited artists, experts on the subject.Wallspot JAMS will take place in the Tres Xemeneies Wallspot walls, a square that is currently being transformed to offer a welcoming and...

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Events | peone1 , Ana BLÜ , lu.paul , Marinavallo , fractaltattoo | 28-09-2020

During the weekend of September 19th and 20th, Tallers Oberts Poblenou held a graffiti workshop on one of the Wallspot walls.From eleven in the morning to seven in the afternoon, artists such as Ana Blu and TXTarte were filling the Selva de Mar wall with colour. The workshop was free and opened to everyone, so Wallspot artists such as Peon, Fractal Tattoo, Marina Vallo and Lu. Paul did not hesitate to approach to participate in their interventions.Montana Colors were in charge of providing the s...

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BIG WALLS | Neki , spazer , sisa , bukka | 23-09-2020

A year ago, on September 29th, we celebrated the entrance of the Laagri Spot to Wallspot, the first public wall from the entire Baltic region provided to urban art creators . It is a space located within a tunnel with a pedestrian and bicycle crossing under a highway 8 kilometers from the heart of Tallinn (Estonia). From then on, we can highlight the interventions of our users neki, bukka, sisa and spazer.Currently, the artist Sim Kares, hand in hand with the artists fresh one and big mora, has...

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WALL LAB by Ele.Zissou

video , WALL LAB , newsletter | elena-gonzález | 22-07-2020

Here we present the result of Ele.Zissou's artwork, which she performed for the Wallspot’s Wall Lab artistic programme.Due to the health crisis surrounding COVID-19, this latest edition of Wall Lab has been carried out with a slightly different artistic selection format. During the lockdown, from Wallspot we launched an Instagram contest: Wallspot En Casa. Through this, Wallspot artists were invited to present a sketch and post it on their profile including the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. At the en...

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WALL LAB by Borneo Modofoker

video , WALL LAB | Borneo Modofoker | 22-07-2020

Wall Lab’s latest edition was held during the month of July. The format of this edition was a little bit different due to the pandemic situation that we have experienced, so the winning artists were selected through the Instagram Contest Wallspot En Casa. In this Open Call, Wallspot artists were invited to submit a mural sketch along with the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. From all the participants, Wallspot selected the 3 winning proposals, thus inviting 3 different artists to participate in this lat...

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WALL LAB by Roc Blackblock

video , WALL LAB , newsletter | roc blackblock | 22-07-2020

This work by the artist Roc Blackblock is part of Wall Lab’s latest edition.The Wall Lab programme is aimed at artistic experimentation in public spaces and the creation of long-lasting murals on walls with different formats.The Open Call for this edition was launched through a contest called Wallspot En Casa, in which the artists were invited to submit a mural sketch along with the hashtag #WallspotEnCasa. From all the participants, Wallspot selected the 3 winning proposals, and Roc Blackblock...

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