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Stories | 24-02-2021

The PosttraumaticA non-newspaper created by creatives and artists.A concert that can only be heard by scanning the QR code; a golden asteroid that is about to hit the earth; a political action that denounces the precarious work situation of seasonal workers in Spain; the Congress of Deputies that becomes the "Congress of the Imputed" after the imprisonment of the entire political class, are some of the articles that you will find in the first issue of The Posttraumatic. Published by Greta Rusttt...

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This weekend we held the Abstraction JAM!Abstraction JAM, with abstract art as the main theme, was held on the emblematic walls of Tres Xemeneies. Spogo and Alessia Innocenti, the guest artists, were in charge of selectinc the participanting artists from among all those who applied in the open call. The artists who have participated in this event: Spogo, Alessia Innocenti, 2000nce, Fractal Tattoo, Pol Pintó, Slomo, Maria Cuéllar, Salvaje Selva, Debens and Santiago Jaen, have intervened on...

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OPEN CALL | 22-02-2021

Wild Life JAM is here!Wild Life JAM is the Wallspot Jam of April. This JAM aims to fill the legal walls of Tres Xemeneies with multiple artistic works, where all kinds of fauna and flora are represented, whether they are the most known or the most unique and difficult to find.That is why Wild Life JAM is devoted to all artists who through their style are able to represent animals and / or plants, and turn thus the Tres Xemeneies square into a unique and wild ecosystem.Wild Life JAM will be held...

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Wall Claim 8M

WALL CLAIM | Killa.Ek | 16-02-2021

In March, on the occasion of International Women's Day, we will celebrate the third edition of Wall Claim at CC La Farinera del Clot with the artist Killa.EK. From March 9 to 10, Killa.EK will be painting a mural in relation to this International Day on the exterior wall of the centre. In addition, on the 10th of March, the action will culminate with a talk at the Theatre of the centre by the Las Migras de Abya Yala collective, which the artist is part of. Killa.Ek is an artist who grew...

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Las Migras de Abya Yala

Events | 15-02-2021

On March 6th, Las Migras de Abya Yala will perform an artistic intervention on the occasion of the International Woman Day, 8M, in the Wallspot walls of Drassanes.Las Migras de Abya Yala is a group of Latin American women whose objective is to fight together to bring down the oppressive model. In their meetings, they share and exchange thoughts and feelings while reflecting on the role of women and the repression they suffer in this patriarchal society. Through different creative disciplines suc...

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Collective action for freedom of expression

Events | 10-02-2021

On February 7, the walls of Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona, were filled with multiple art works that demanded freedom of expression.The aim of this event was to defend this fundamental right and denounce the unfair imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasel. Unfortunately, the case of the singer is not an isolated event, more and more people are persecuted and prosecuted for expressing what they think. Various artists such as Owen, Galleta Maria, Reskate, Roc Blackblok, Chamo San, Elna Or, Tres Volte...

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Interviews | Yoshi | 05-02-2021

Yoshihito Suzuki is a visual artist from Tokyo, Japan and currently living in Barcelona. His artworks are mostly drawings and sculptures made from recycled materials.As a kid, Yoshi liked playing by himself like drawing anime characters and his imaginary ones while he enjoyed playing baseball with his friends. Until high school he was raised in very Japanese culture, then the artist started to be interested in foreign places so he went to study international cultures in the university. With...

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Womart JAM 2021 Open Call

Events , OPEN CALL | 03-02-2021

International Women's Day is approaching, so that in March we will celebrate the WOMART JAM.Unfortunately, women still have a long way to go reach a real equality in many areas, and urban art is one of them. The Womart JAM aims to make the work of all the participating artists visible in an exclusive artistic day for women. Womart is not only a JAM but also a project that claims the need to recognise and make visible female talent in the visual arts while promoting gender equality within the urb...

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WRITERS JAM 31-1-2021

Events | 01-02-2021

This Sunday, January 31st, we celebrated the Writers JAM!This has been the first Wallspot Jam of the year and it was held on the walls of Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona. The guest artists of this event, Radok and Fresh, were in charge of selecting the 8 participants from all the artists who applied to the open call.Fresh and Radok performed their pieces on the central walls of the square, while Lizré, Alchinesse, Aram, Bday Boy , La Castillo and Garrido filled the side walls with their letters,...

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Interviews | EmilyE | 01-02-2021

Emily Eldridge is an artist from the United States, but she’s lived the last 15 years outside the country: 11 years in Hong Kong, 2 years in Berlin, and 2 in a half in Barcelona. She studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art & Design (Georgia, EEUU). She describes herself, mainly, as an illustrator that accidentally started painting bigger and bigger artworks.While she was living in Hong Kong, she worked in an International School as a teaching artist, collaborating with students f...

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