Disaikner is the result of combining Damian Vásquez’s tattoo, illustration and art direction work. Damian is a skater from Ecuador based in Barcelona. Primarily, started almost 10 years ago as a studio and workshop trying different media and formats using a unique style and concept. His very distinctive style is characterised by the domain of the black line, the sobriety in the design and the stridency in the drawing, leaving his mark in all the areas where he takes part. Common themes on his work include social criticism, nature and underground culture style. Presently Damian keeps nurturing his creativity by skating and developing his project sbec skateboarding, illustrating by inquiries, painting and exhibiting all across the world, and from a while back, tattooing ; transforming Disaikner in an heterogeneous organism full of his persona. Currently Damian works together with Giovanna Volpe, She cursed Humanities at Pompeu Fabra University, which coordinates all the communication and planning for every single project.

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